Hi everyone! Here's a little of my background. 
Since 1999, I've been creating, leading, and managing creative teams in marketing and IT departments. I've held a variety of positions including Graphic Designer, Engineering Team Leader, Development Manager, and Digital Artist and Photographer. I've spent my time creating art, writing and reviewing code in more than 5 different languages, and coaching and mentoring as a domain/subject-matter expert. I'm trained as a people manager and certified in Project Management, Hacking, Penetration and Cyber-security. If I'm not with my family or in the studio, I'm probably running through the forest somewhere.
When I take photos of people, my objective is always to capture something that you can't see. It's not something physical, but something that you can feel with your heart. You can always tell when it's there, and when it's not there. My mission, is to help bring that invisible thing to light and capture it. It's such a challenge and the only way to succeed is to open up and connect. That genuine human connection is really special and it's the reason I enjoy portraiture so much.
Please take a look at my reviews and recommendations and give me a call. I would love to hear from you!
Self Portrait - June 2019
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