What's it like to work with Nathan?
"Super high quality. Very good service. Highly recommended" 2022- Avi Friedman‏
"Good photographer, I recommend him" 2019 - Rudi Delarbre​​​​​​​
"Nathan is a true professional. He really has an amazing eye for capturing the perfect pictures!" 2019 - Jonathan Friedlander
"Loved, loved, loved the experience working with Nathan. I wanted to get some new professional head shots done and he made the whole process simple and easy. He is very friendly and gives great feedback and tips while taking pictures to ensure he is capturing your best self. Very professional and the pictures came out amazing! Highly recommended." 2019 - Tiffany Kelham
"Nathan was wonderful to work with; he was detailed and very patient. He worked to get the perfect shot for the what I needed. I also love that he was great in giving suggestions. 100% recommend him! " 2019 - Rajel H
"I recently used Nathan for a family celebration and he captured the most important memorable moments in such a unique and beautiful way that I used him again for a photo shoot of my band the following week! I’m about to find out if he’s available for another shoot so I better stop writing here and call him this guy is busy!" 2019 - Yitzchok Meir Malek
"Nathan actually got me to smile for my headshot. This is no small matter. The photos were all I could hope for and more. Highly recommended." 2019 - Eliyahu Parker
"Nathan is a super talented artist with a flair for portrait photography. My experience with him was awesome, highly recommended!" 2019 - Shmouel Halimi
"Nathan was really easy and nice to deal with! Really happy with the photos he took!" 2019 - Yaakov Helfand
"Nathan had managed to get a really nice shot, I was knew how to direct me so my picture will come out the best and he tried as many times until I was happy with the results. Thanks Nathan!" 2019 - Dassy Stenge
"Great Photographer ! Easy going and super nice" 2019 - Uri O
"Nathan is the perfect photographer. It's not only about using a camera, Nathan is a director, editor and more. Highly recommended!" 2019 - Dor Sabag
"I highly recommend Nathan for all your photography needs! He is extremely professional, patient, and truly talented. He was a real pleasure to work with, and the shots I received surpassed all expectations. He listened to what I had in mind and was able to fulfill all my requests. I would definitely use him again!" 2019 - Emunah Kennard
"Nathan was great. His portrait was natural, the lighting was great and he worked very well very fast. Thank you!" 2019 - ‎Jennifer Ben Yeshaia
"Nathan is truly a pro. An artist with both a flair for photography and highly skilled, it was a pleasure to be photographed by him. With a calm demeanor that immediately put me at ease and influenced my portrait results, Nathan aims to please and far surpasses this goal! Nathan was the ONLY photographer I ever worked with who showed me the photos after each shot so I could see how they came out and how to improve posture, angling, etc. I highly recommend Nathan Meloul for all your photography needs." 2019 - ‎Nechama Eisenman
"I have worked with Nathan for many years. His knowledge of frontend concepts and lead time in projects is evidence of his expertise." 2019 - Avi Rosenblatt, Technical Strategist and Agile Specialist Development Manager
"Nathan was team lead and front end development manager for our software development and eCommerce store operations department. Nathan consistently provided solid results for himself and for his team, often going above and beyond putting out maximum effort to meet tight and frequently changing deadlines and business needs. Nathan's a guy who make sure the job got done. He'll be an asset to any team!" 2019 - Akiva Marks, Chief Architect, Director of Software Development, Cloud Manager, CI/CD DevOps 
"Nathan is ready to help, willing to take on a challenge with a smile. He has an eye for detail and patience to reach perfection on whatever he is working on. He'll take feedback and work through it, making sure that the client understands the impact and that the solution will align with both the client's desires and the best practices of the industry. Nathan is quietly knowledgeable in many areas and provides value throughout." 2019 - Chedva Haber, Project Manager | UX & Prod Strategy | E-commerce Operations
"Nathan is an extraordinary, competent, patient Team Leader with enormous knowledge. I would have liked to spend more time in his team. Nathan knows how to stay calm and focused on the tasks to be done even in times of stress and his calm is all his strength for him and his team. I wish anybody to work with a team leader like Nathan." 2018 - Jeremie Khalifa, Front End Web Developer
"Nathan is a real coding master. He is efficient in front end and back end programming, but also has the eye for design and can develop an application from A to Z, including the UI and UX rules to give, without the need of a designer, a real designed app that uses the latest technologies. He's also a great person, and the three years I worked with him were so great." 2018 - Benjamin Meir Khalifa, Web/UI/UX/front end developer
"I've had the pleasure of working with Nathan - both alongside and in a managerial capacity - for nearly five years. I've found his to be a conscientious, thorough coding team leader and a good friend. He advocates for, and works to better, his co-workers and environment. Nathan will power through until the last task is done with a selflessness that will be an asset to any organization." 2018 - Meir Deutsch, UX Manager
"Nathan is a super competent team lead. What I find remarkable about him is his ability to calmly keep a team focused on the tasks at hand and to complete them within their allotted timelines all while giving giving each individual member the confidence that he has their best interests in mind and not just those of the company. He is cool and collected at all times and really easy to get along with. He was the driving force behind everything our team was able to accomplish. I highly recommend him as a team lead and would honored to work with him anytime." 2018 - Mendy Katz, Software Developer
"Nathan is a pro. Not only does his level of expertise shine through his work, but he goes above and beyond what he promises. This was easily the best experience I had working with a web designer. Nathan understood what I needed from the get go and kept me posted every step of the way. There was NEVER any need to run after him or pressure to make sure he’s meeting the deadline, making my job much easier. It was a true pleasure working with him and I plan to work with him again on all my web based projects. My clients were extremely pleased with the results they got. On top of that, Nathan was able to deliver excellent results faster than anyone I’ve worked with before! This is rare in our day and age and makes Nathan’s work stand out above the rest. Hire Nathan and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results you’ll get." - Michael Fridman
"I hired Nathan to develop my website. He is very talented. He provided me with all of the features that I requested and an easy-to-use custom WordPress Admin which I use to manage my own website without having to rely on anyone else. I plan on hiring Nathan again, when I am ready to launch the next stage of my company." Ian Bailey – Author/Founder, The Seven Ways
"We were very happy with the work that Nathan did for us. It was all done in a professional and prompt manner and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him, in fact I already have!" Alex Ryvchin, founder of The Jewish Thinker
"Thanks Nathan for your quick response and patience in helping the Heritage House Women’s Division." Matan Weisberg – Director, Heritage House
"… it’s so fun to design with you in mind, i have so much more freedom, thanks to your talent, and it’s always amazing to see how you do it." Ellianna Schwab – Graphic Designer
"Our website has benefited us by providing interested parents with a site to view our school and request an application. We also utilize our website as a way for our donors to make a contribution online. Our website also enables us to keep individuals up-to-date with our most recent newsletters.
Thank you Nathan. We are happy to recommend." Jo Aman – Beth Jacob High School of Denver
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